I successfully update BNS blog new look for this month of the year. I know we got bored with the same old thing. So here you go a new refreshing young look! I have been trying updating this blog quite recently. Still hoping some of the committees to be able to post something here. Pictures, articles or whatsoever. To any of you who wants to post something here, let me know via

I really hope all of you will like it and contribute more. I am looking forward to hear from any of you.


Quotes of the day

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Finally deleting it permanently in a week

This blog will be deleted permanently in a week or so.

Please bookmark our new blog for BNS NEW BLOG, PLEASE Click HERE :)

Insya Allah this new blog will be updated every week with more infos, events and everything goes, I would like you all to go and check it out, comments are all welcome.

To the new committee for this year, a meeting should be held sooner, so we can all talk about what can be done with BNS new blog, need to give passwords and teach some of you how to blog too. So BNS blog won't be too boring or dead! Thanks and see you all soon!


Sunday, 22 March 2009

Northumbria University Students

Happy holidays to everybody! May you all have a pleasant one. Also good luck to all the BEG participants. Sorry I am not much of a help but I wish you all the best, have fun!

Also calling all Northumbria Students -- Please vote for these people named below:
  • Zoe Thomas
  • Sarah Goodwill
  • Dean Stobbart
  • Lisa Burton
Just go to any desktops/ laptops and it won't take so much of your time to:
Please click the link above
your time to vote this people are really appreciated

Thank you

--See you all soon--

Friday, 20 March 2009

Do me a favor please

Please go to any desktop or whatever that can access to the internet, and vote for Zoe Thomas and Sarah Goodwill -- It won't take much of your time to vote for them! Make Northumbria Student union better, improved and efficient. Thank you in advance for those who votes for them! That means a lot to me :)

Again, please all OF YOU! who has access to vote two of my friends for their elections, it would be great and really appreciated!


Bebs x

Monday, 16 March 2009


Hola from Brunei!

how are you all doing, and how is Newcastle? I hope everyone is on par with their studies and not straggling or struggling. If you are, pls don't hesitate to ask advice from each other.

Anyways, I am planning to make a phamplet for BNS and of course BNSA. So, I would like to have some pictures and some testimonials from you guys to make this phamplet a success. Quote me some of the recent best places to visit and maybe also some good places to shop and buy stuff for your needs. (I do know some, but maybe you guys have a better list than I do).

Just email the pictures and testimonials at Hope to hear from you guys soon.


Sunday, 8 March 2009

Good and bad news

Hi to everybody.

I will announce two news this week.

1st the good news, a friend of mine has successfully got their Stationary vending machine in Pandon building, Northumbria university. I hope you all will use your spare time to check this vending machine out. Perhaps purchase something out of it. Still STATIONARY vending machine, sounds cool and new to me. :) Spread the words and DO CHECK IT OUT!!!!

Another one is a bad news, a friend if mine is diagnosed breast cancer. I just knew it today. So I am asking all of you to have a moment to pray for her that she'll get through this one. And have another healthy life ahead. It would be awesome if any of you could help by visting to this link REACHING OUT If you are thinking to donate for her medication and treatment fund please contact Shabby Chic via e-mail or phone. Doesn't matter how much you will donate or pray for her, everything counts and WILL make a different. I am only here to do my best to help her to see her being healthy and able to smile again. Every thoughts count, thank you for reading.

Much love,
Bebs x

Thursday, 5 March 2009


Assalamualaikum W.B.H to all the blogger readers, committees and members,
How's everything with you all? Have not seen you all since the BNS bowling tournament! Check out facebook for all the awesome pictures and all the smiley faces. For those who won the tournament -- congratulations! :) To those who did not win, try again. After all it is the fun that counts and being there for each other :) Saw couples of you shop for cool things -- Royal quays is another place to shop. Take a metro to Meadow well -- and you will discover the other side of Newcastle.

March is already here, so I hope all of you already have plans for revisions, vacations and some sort. Easter is also coming -- not sure if any of you will be celebrating it for the heck of it.

I see many people advertsing their sales, promotions and some sort here. I am impressed! I should do this for myself too. Here it goes, to any of you who is needing personalised card with lots of personal meanings pouring in it, let me know, I can make lots of great things with your pictures or your favorite things. Preserve all those memories in a very beautiful way. Prices vary -- ask for price quote :)

Okay dokie -- will posts more here sooner or later. Don;t forget today -- Karaoke Night at Habita around 830pm ish. Hope to see you all there! :)

Malaysian night 10th Anniversary


Date: SUNDAY, 15TH MARCH 2009
Time: 5pm till 9pm
Featuring: traditional dances & songs, fashion show, martial arts and a malaysian styled-buffet
Tickets: Advanced: £9.00 At the door: £10
Venue: Northumbria student union, 2 sandyford rd Newcastle upon Tyne
Contact: Nadya Summer : (07853247376)

Bebs notes: I think the theme for this Malaysian night is traditonal clothing or something. They did not mention is here, but do ask people involved x

Get your ticket in advance and save that £1.00 :)